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AIA Officers

State Officers
Apostle Joseph Hamilton, President
Pastor James Martin, Vice President
Pastor Christopher Powell, Compliance Officer

Recognition of AIA Ministry Officers
Apostle Joseph Hamilton, Founder
Bishop Vant Hardaway, 1stAssistant
Pastor James Martin, Auxiliary Leader
Bishop Rodney G. Brown, Recording Secretary
Bishop Vant & Dr. Janice Hardaway, Directors of Education
Brother Joshua Hamilton, Minister of Music
Elder Michael Swinney, Conference Coordinator
Brother Gabriel Swinney, Asst. Conference Coordinator
Apostle Bob McClain, Advisor
Brother Antonio Wyatt, Adjutant General
Prophetess LaSonya Clay, Administrative Assistant
Sister Joniece Woods, Special Assistant & Hospitality Coordinator
Deacon Antonio Biggs, Financial Secretary

The apostolic mandate is to make disciples of all nations and to advance the kingdom through the gospel and empowering the people of God to impact their communities and the world around them. It will release the process of transformation to cause the people to mature and challenge them to rise to new realms in Christ and beyond the control and dictates of religion.